Anti Hero - Tent City

Anti Hero - Tent City cover
CompanyAnti Hero Skateboards
Length37 minutes
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Brisban intro - Hightower - Stoner Trilogy
Brispane - Lewis and Clarke - Doc Holiday
Beer Pipe - Streets - Journey to the Promised Land
Pizzey intro - George Draguns - Dusk til Dawn
Pizzey - Scum Angel - Legions of Demons
Coffs Harbour - George Draguns - Tandoori Nightmare
Beach - Delaware White Thrash - Booze Explosion
Sydney - Sex Hippies
Ulladulla - Delaware White Thrash - Steel Reserve
Belconnen - Delaware White Thrash - Friday Night
Canbah - Shed - Shed
Snowy Mt. Pipe intro - Tommy Guerrero
Snowy Mt. Pipe - Chad Mueller - Ming Loa
credits - Dirty Horse - Eat Me Alive
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Guest guy name phil

Great vibes, great skateboarding, great editing, great music...the best on-the-road skate video ever?

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