Etnies - Album

Etnies - Album cover
Video byMike Manzoori
Length65 minutes
CountryUnited States
CategoryFull length
Added byMaikel

3.65 (34 votes)


Intro - Bionic Ear studio - Trade for alpha
Trevor McClung - Bionic Ear studio - A generation of seas
Silvester "Doogie" Eduardo - Solar Sons - Finally Be
Matt Berger - Bionic Ear studio - Dusk
Nick Garcia #1 - Randy Randall - Chord Test 2
Nick Garcia #2 - Atiba and Sawyer - Punjabi on Houston
Jamie Tancowny - Bionic Ear studio - Phantom Noise
Koichiro Uehara - Bionic Ear studio - The mask
Ryan Sheckler & David Reyes - Bionic Ear studio - Meant to howl
Ryan Lay - Bionic Ear studio - Coco
Willow - Mr Sneaky - Hammer king
Barney Page - Bionic Ear studio - All you need is sun
Aidan Campbell 1 - Bionic Ear studio - Nectar
Aidan Campbell 2 - Bionic Ear studio - Your storm is calling
Chris Joslin - Bionic Ear studio - Tree of trees
Credits - Atiba - I love my friends
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Guest Rich Homie

Joslin, Tancowny and McClung have stellar parts. Garcia and Lay were forgettable. Sheckler and Reyes should have had individual parts - that's the only way David will go pro. Page had a shitload of clips. That Japanese dude sucked. Speaking of sucking, the music let this video down. What a shame. Also, if only Nyberg, Davidson and Axel were still on etnies.

Guest kevdog

Sick skating throughout. Worst music I've heard in a full length - and I've been skating/musically inspired by skate videos since the early 90s. This is almost crappier than the mumble rap all over recent instagram clips. Bummer.


shuvit shuvit

Classic editing, good images, great tricks!

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