Polar - We Blew It At Some Point

Polar - We Blew It At Some Point cover
CompanyPolar Skate Co
Video byPontus Alv
Tor Ström
Length34 minutes
CategoryFull length
Added byPaul

4.69 (49 votes)


Intro - 18 Carat Affair - Lovely
Nick Boserio and Emile Laurent #1 - Worked World - Art for Art's Sake
Nick Boserio and Emile Laurent #2 - Ragnar Grippe - Heartbeat
Montage #1 - The Eyes - Bent on Repair
Interlude - 18 Carat Affair - Alpha Format
Montage #2 - Dreamatic - Audio Trip
Oskar Rozenberg - Beastie Boys - Time For Livin'
Aaron Herrington Intro - 18 Carat Affair - Holly, Janice + Diane
Aaron Herrington - Dean Blunt - Rachel Cut
New York City - 18 Carat Affair - Modern Love
Andrew Wilson - The S.O.S. Band - Just Be Good To Me
Shin Shanbongi - Antenna - Achilles
Montage #3 - 18 Carat Affair - Commercial Lighting
Hjalte Halberg - Connan Mockasin - I'm The Man, That Will Find You
Montage #4 - Move - Re Sole
Montage #5 - Klaus Nomi - Valentine's Day
Paul Grund and Roman Gonzalez - Silver Mountain Reveries - More Action! Less Tears!
Closing - Jacob Ovgren - I Still Wait For You
Dane Brady - Narada Michael Walden - The Dance of Life
Credits - 18 Carat Affair - Lovely
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Guest Jacob

Insane tricks, but less special art value for film from Pontus Alv. My favourite video from Polar is still - I like it here inside my mind. But still great!
Guest Frank

The worst polar video
Guest yagga

the intro song is "Don't Stop (Ever Loving Me)" - One Way
Guest Paul

You blew it when you chose the soundtrack
Guest Paul

Whoever picked the music needs shooting
Guest Some rando

The Oskar Rozenberg song is “The Biz vs The Nuge.” It’s the track before “Time For Livin”, but they bleed together and it sounds like one song. Sorry to come in with an annoying internet skate nerd correction.
Guest Дмитрий

молодцы, ребята.Я люблю скандинавский скейтбординг. Быстро и красиво катаются.Длинные линии отлично делают, связность высокая.
Guest Nikke

Very good, honest skateboarding video!


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CaBGIyC5C-Y&list=PLKZBa-TVeM86vbCDaPDekIW-JAH4r9GwW Full Soundtrack

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